We’re All About Authenticity. Digitally.

The Philosophy of Pop Media

You can just think of us as the corn chip to your guac (or salsa, if you’re inclined to be a little spicier 🌶️).

We exist to really understand your brand, and the community behind it – you’re the guac. Pop Media’s role is to then identify the best ways to communicate that with your audience, and make sure we’re doing it consistently – you guessed it, the corn chip.

Digital and social media change constantly – that’s why we don’t believe in the concept of gurus… every time you think you’ve learned it all, there will be something new.

So while, yes, you’ll get a certain number of posts or TikToks, or blogs, or ad campaigns from us these items aren’t the be all and end all. Your brand is.

We take the time to workshop your business’ online presence – from look and feel, to tone of voice and core values – and understand your target audience, and the best channels to reach that audience.

How we reach your audience might change over time, but no matter where you show up, from blogs to TikTok, we’ll make sure you do it with flair and in a way that is uniquely you.

Our Core Values

Digital That Doesn’t
Break The Bank

Every service and package we’ve devised takes local and independent businesses into account.

We Aren’t Just
Content Peddlers

Churning and burning a set number of posts without rhyme or reason isn’t what we’re about. We’re about evolving and changing with digital platforms.


We’re open and honest about all your key metrics, and passionate about educating clients on what results actually mean.