Top Tips for The Fitness Industry to Provide Value on Social Media

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Are you a personal trainer, gym manager, or just in the fitness space in general? We explore ways to increase your engagement by providing genuine value on social media to current and prospective clients.

The fitness industry is… saturated. To say the least. One thing to emphasise here is having a massive amount of followers is great, but what’s more important is having followers that are genuinely engaged. Your social presence offers the opportunity to build a community, create brand advocacy, and establish expertise. If every post is a sales pitch you’re going to find it very hard to do that.

What does it mean to provide value on social media?

If you’re sick of people telling you to ‘provide value’ but not the ways in which to actually do that, you’ve come to the right place.

Content that provides value typically does one of the following:

  • Teaches people something
  • Helps people make the right decision
  • Helps people do things better or faster
  • Entertains people

The key thing to remember for business profiles is that your social media isn’t about you: it’s about your clients.

Here are some examples of how to provide value on social media, specifically for the fitness industry.

Teach People Something To Provide Value

Worried you’ll be giving up your secret sauce by sharing exercise or health tips and advice? You won’t be. You can provide a lot of information in a social post, but you’ll hardly be reshaping someone’s entire fitness regime through a single post alone. What you will be doing is establishing trust and building brand expertise.

Share An Exercise Routine or Workout

You’ve probably seen these bite-sized workouts doing the rounds on social, and with good reason. They’re easily digestible and actionable. You could also incorporate things like stretching routines or warm-ups here that can be beneficial outside the actual workout.

Want To Feature A Piece of Equipment?

You’ve got a new piece of equipment in the gym, or just one you want to highlight. Instead of just announcing ‘Lookie here! We’ve got this’ demonstrate how to use it, or what muscle groups it works. You’ll also be taking away the ‘intimidation factor’ if its a piece of equipment unfamiliar to people.

It’s Not Always About The Gym

Share ways people can be healthier in their everyday lives, from active recovery to nutrition. Bonus: got a nutritionist or dietician friend you work with? Partner up with them for a collab post.

Explain Your Why

Reverse flys? Why? HIIT? Why? Squats, again? Why?

Helping your audience understand why they should be doing a particular exercise or using a piece of equipment will make them much more inclined to do it.

Help People Make The Right Decision

Compare The Pair

Another popular social post: the comparison. Hamstring curls vs RDLs. Free weights vs machines. Cardio vs strength training.

This helps establish your expertise and helps clients make more informed choices for themselves. It can also position you in what type of fitness services you offer or your specialty.

Show Off Your USPs (Unique Selling Points)

People often come to a gym or personal trainer for guidance. Establishing what it is that you actually offer in the first place is key to getting peoples attention. Remember: it’s about them, not you. You specialise in functional training? Demonstrate the variety of exercises clients do in a typical workout. You’re a powerlifting gym? Highlight the benefits your clients will get from access to deadlift platforms or comp grade benches. You’re a personal trainer that specialises in competition prep? Show your client’s 12-week transformations. Commercial gym? Emphasise access to both cardio and weights equipment.

Help People Do Things Better or Faster To Provide Value

Work smarter, not harder. This ethos seems to be something everyone following a fitness regime wants to achieve. Now is the time to really shine and show you know what you’re talking about.

Explore How To Make Workouts More Efficient

Whether it’s delving into supersets or how to train for hypertrophy, showing people the best way to reach their goal never goes astray. You may also want to explore the benefits of different types of training, and steps your clients can take to reach a particular goal faster.

Share Tips On What They Can Do Outside The Gym

Abs are made in the kitchen is the obvious one here. However, if you want your current or prospective clients to achieve results faster, exploring other avenues of what they can do outside the gym can be beneficial.

Entertain People To Provide Value On Social Media

A lot of this will come down to you or your brand persona.

Entertainment doesn’t always have to be ‘HA HA’. You want to create content that elicits emotion. This could be exercise bloopers, but it could also be showing off your cellulite or sharing an awe-inspiring transformation. People want to connect with and be moved by your social posts.

Whatever You Do, Make It You

At the end of the day, these are just a list of guidelines. They’re great starting points but finding that sweet spot of what makes your brand YOU is ultimately in your own hands. But, having that brand persona clearly defined and consistently sticking to it through all your value-adding content will set you up for success.

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