How To Make The Most of & Market Your Business In The New Year: A Breakdown By Industry


It’s undeniable that there has been a major shift in the world of marketing, especially in the last couple of years. Now it’s more important than ever to focus on crafting a solid digital marketing strategy for your brick and mortar business and embrace the opportunities in social media, video, and the importance of creating a connection to customers through digital mediums. 


Different business industries face their own challenges and opportunities with the commencement of a new year, so it’s important to understand how best to leverage them in a digital capacity to set your business up for a successful year ahead.


A solid digital marketing strategy put in place early in the year is a game-changer for the trajectory of your business. Here are some tips for key industries on how to digitally market in 2022. 


Gyms and the fitness industry

How to market gyms in the New year

New year’s resolutions spur on an inundation of new gym sign-ups. “New year, new me” sentiment translates into packed gyms, high motivation, and new membership numbers peak. 

It’s important not to get too over-confident with this influx, as these are often cheap leads and motivation begins to wane by February as people forget about their resolutions and settle back into old habits. This is a crucial time to have a solid digital marketing plan in place to retain the highest number of new members to carry your business through the year. Focus for your marketing strategy should be mostly internal, nurturing new sign-ups with incentives and rewards to encourage loyalty and retention. 

The fitness industry thrives in familiarity, meaning that a soft, personalised approach is best. Some gyms find creating loyalty programs such as recognising client commitment and achievement through a tiered membership system. Health and fitness challenges with prizes, giveaways and referral bonuses are great ways to retain “Resolution sign-ups”. Create connections with new and existing members by sharing personal client wins on social media, and encouraging members to do the same. 


With the rise in membership sign-ups, competition for gyms and the fitness industry, in general, is brutal in the early months of the year, making digital marketing a key factor in surviving the opposition.

Social media plays a big role in awareness of gyms and fitness opportunities. Providing value via various platforms in the form of Instagram stories, reels, Tiktok videos etc., is a great way to reach a broad audience and create a “know, like, trust” relationship with potential customers.


How to market restaurants in the New year


Unlike gyms that hit the ground running in January, restaurants often start the year off in a lull, as people choose to stay in to save money after the holiday season and focus on healthy habits and resolutions. This downtime provides the perfect opportunity to create and implement a structured and detailed digital marketing plan for the year. Take this quieter time to focus on the year’s strategies, getting your ducks in a row and look for lessons to be learned from the year that’s passed. 


A restaurant’s marketing strategy should include maintenance of websites and social media with up to date information on opening hours, especially around the holiday season, and well-implemented SEO strategies to ensure visibility for location-based searches. It’s also good to regularly review processes for booking reservations at your venue, and delivery options available, which can be a good aspect to push if foot traffic is low during the early months. 


To capitalise on New Year’s resolutions, venues can market healthy meal deals, gluten-free options and meat alternatives, appealing to a broad range of potential customers. 



How to market bars in the New year

Similarly to restaurants, bars can take a hit in the new year due to new year resolutions such as Dry January. There are several strategies that bars can focus on in their digital strategy to cater to the “New Year’s Resolution crowd” and continue to build a connection with their customers that will foster a loyal customer base. 


To appeal to the “health-conscious” audience, it’s becoming more common and desirable that bars provide options for non-drinkers, and cater to this culture, with the rising popularity of health-conscious months such as Dry January, Dry July and OcSober. Campaigns focusing on marketing a creative and interesting mocktail menu provide variety for your business and encourage fresh clientele.


In a saturated digital marketing world, a connection is more important than ever when creating a loyal customer base. Bar venues can benefit greatly from a strong social media strategy for their marketing, utilising user-generated content, focusing on using images that show a human element, featuring customer reviews, loyalty programs and incentives for customers such as drink specials.


January in Australia is a great time to be out and about. Capitalising on the nice weather by creating hype around events, such as Hottest 100 on the 22nd January, live music, trivia nights, and games for patrons create an atmosphere that’s broadly appealing, and more rich and complex than a focus on drinking culture alone. 


Real Estate

How to market real estate agencies in the New year

Capitalising on the hype and optimism of a new year can be a great opportunity for an agencies’ digital marketing strategy. Real Estate strategies should be centred around building trust and educating, showing expertise and authority in the local area and market knowledge.


A blog or email marketing campaign can be a great way to foster trust in the industry, and an excellent strategy for agencies to establish their expertise to buyers and sellers, who spend a lot of time researching before purchasing or selling property. This allows Real Estates to delve deep into FAQ’s, common misconceptions, or demonstrate local area knowledge. Using a blog or email marketing campaign, supplemented by social media, agencies can establish themselves as a go-to source for real estate information. 


In the intermission of a new year, this can be a great time to connect potential clients with your team and put a face to the names within your agency. Creating a connection through staff-provided tips, behind the scenes insights, and even personal tidbits about the individuals in your team helps to cultivate trust. 


One avenue brimming with potential for the Real Estate industry is video: Instagram stories, reels are the way that content is consumed in today’s world, content should be entertaining and easily digestible. Video is a great way to preview current listings or recent sales in bite-size and eye-catching ways, and help you to stand out from the crowd.


 Dentist & Medical


The dental and medical industry has also faced a lot of changes in recent years, with the introduction of telehealth and teledentistry. Customers look for convenience and flexibility, so adapting these pillars in your strategy is crucial. With preventative dental overflowing from December to January, the early months should focus on securing bookings for the slower middle months of the year.


Websites should be assessed regularly for an easy user experience, with clear and impactful branding and a smooth and evident booking process. Telehealth options need to be embraced and a focus of marketing strategy to adapt to the changing medical and dental environment. 


Another digital marketing strategy that plays into the values of convenience in 2022 is a collaboration with other aesthetic services such as microblading and other dermatology services, and highlighting cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. This strategy can be paired well with influencer marketing.


As an industry rooted in the care of individuals’ health, a focus on nurturing an existing client base and creating a personalised and warm customer experience is significant and can be achieved with regular check-ins using SMS or email marketing campaigns.

Should You Get A Digital Agency For 2022?

Digital marketing has emerged as the cornerstone in many industries, and this tendency is only increasing. In general, it is particularly effective for companies to provide intimate, one-on-one interaction with individuals, and this is becoming increasingly necessary. This can be achieved by a thorough digital marketing plan which incorporates the growing platforms of social media, and incorporating video, user generated content and personalisation within a strategy. 


As we enter into a new year, it’s helpful to examine the trends of society and, rather than seeing peaks and troughs as advantages and disadvantages, learning how to leverage low points to better prepare your marketing strategies, and taking advantage of busy periods to nurture existing clients and customers. 


Digital marketing for brick and mortar businesses can be a complex and time-heavy aspect of running a business, but you don’t have to do it alone! Here at Pop Media, we make it our mission to provide accessible digital marketing services so that our clients can continue to grow and thrive in a fast-changing world. 

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